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r1 ... Petitioning Justin Trudeau Help free my mother from the concentration camp in China!

Petition by Gulhumar HAITIWAJI


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I write to you with a heavy heart. My name is Gulhumar, I am 26 years old and it has been two years since I have seen my mother who is being held in prison because of her origin.

I am French of Uyghur origin, a Turkic-speaking minority of the Xinjiang region in China. My family has been living in exile in France for 12 years because of the persecution of Uyghurs in China. My mother was arrested for no reason during a trip to China and then incarcerated like 3 million other Uyghurs, victims of arbitrary sentences. Despite the fear, my entire family keeps fighting to get her released.

I can’t stand the idea that my mother lives in extremely difficult conditions of detention.There are between 30 to 40 prisoners per room, who are woken up at night, made to run all day, recite patriotic songs and are only allowed to shower once a month. In the media, testimonies of former survivors of these camps also reveal that torture is frequent.

I really think China is exterminating our culture and this petition is my only chance to have my mother released before it's too late. Several detainees have been released through diplomatic channels and I am asking for your support and solidarity to put pressure on the governments of your country to have my mother released.

I ask for your help and your signature to expand my petition, the impact could save millions of innocent people.

Hoping that 2019 is a beautiful and promising year for humanity!

Thank you for your support,

Gulhumar Sign now with a click Visit petition page

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