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PAOV — Amid serious fears for BC’s wild salmon population, petition starter Catriona is calling for increased oversight of the province’s fish farms. She believes improper waste management from the farms and the spread of the dangerous piscine reovirus will further endanger the wild salmon which play a critical role in the survival of countless other marine life. You can show your support by adding your name.

Petitioning BC Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and oceans Canada BC Ministry of Agriculture: Increase Government Oversight of Fish Farms in BC

Petition by Catriona Aikman
Vancouver, Canada


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1. The spread of Piscine Reovirus, a disease that is potentially a causative agent of an often fatal condition, Heart & Skeletal Muscle Inflammation (HSMI) that has infected a large percentage of the wild salmon population in BC.
2. Improper biological waste management of effluent pipes allowing infected/unsanitized offal to be disposed of into many wild salmons’ migratory paths, allowing for more parasites & diseases (Such as HSMI) to be spread along with disrupting the ecosystem.
3. Misuse/overuse of antibiotics potentially resulting in rapid adaptation of bacterial resistance to antibiotics making certain strains less treatable.

More oversight of fish farms & fish processing plants in BC & legislation/regulation, transforming aquaculture into a land-based industry (Ex. Kuterra fish farming facility), and using ocean-based closed pens that don't allow for interaction with the environment.

Fish are a necessary component of BC’s economy & ecosystem, from small, family owned businesses to multi-national corporations, & the mismanagement of this industry is short-sighted & will result in endangerment of BC’s natural biome. Sign now with a click Visit petition page

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