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PAOV — Ontario’s PC government just announced the end of free tuition for low-income students and terminated the 6-month interest-free grace period after graduation, changes that will impact thousands of students who rely on this support to gain an education. More than 200,000 people believe that cuts to OSAP only hurt those who most need help — if you agree, add your name.

Petitioning Doug Ford .@fordnation: Stop Doug Ford's Cuts to OSAP

Petition by R G
Toronto, Canada


Sign now with a click As some of you may know Doug Ford is slashing the grace period of OSAP. The government's decision to charge interest right away, to do away with the grace period, is completely appalling. New graduates need time to get on their feet. It's clear the government see students as a source of income, when in fact students are the future of our province. This petition is to make sure that the government knows what is important and that they are really "for the people".

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