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Parliament is considering adopting an Internet tax on all ISPs in Canada—and we will foot the bill.

The CRTC and the CBC are... just two of the groups that are pushing an across-the-board tax on ISPs in order to fund Canadian content.1 And despite widespread outcry, the government's expert review panel is considering the tax under the Telecommunications Act review.

The CRTC is still pushing the Internet tax despite pushback from the Prime Minister and most Canadians.2,3 We need to make sure our MPs know that backing the Internet tax would be a huge political mistake.

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In a shocking report last year, the CRTC decided to propose putting the cost of developing Canadian content onto the Internet providers and streaming services, such as Netflix, rather than on the studios that would be profiting.4

That cost would be passed on to broadband customers, who already pay some of the highest fees for Internet in the world.5 The Internet tax would increase Canada's digital divide, punishing low-income Canadians and hitting Indigenous communities the hardest.6

That's why 70% of Canadians came out against the tax, with nearly 40,000 signing a petition calling on Parliament to reject the idea.7

But huge media corporations have a powerful lobby, and the CRTC won't let the idea of an Internet tax die. We need to make sure that Parliament realizes just how unpopular the Internet tax is before it finalizes its Broadcasting and Telecommunications Act review.

OpenMedia is targeting vulnerable MPs to remind them just how disastrous an Internet tax would be. Will you donate to help with our campaign?


Yours for the Internet,
Laura, and the whole team at OpenMedia

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