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After we sent this email out to you earlier in the week, we received a letter from the National Energy Board that gave intervenors just 44 hours to submit comments on how the Trans Mountain Pipeline would affect the climate.

That’s less than two days for participants and their legal teams to respond to over 70 pages of climate science. Could it be that the NEB is trying to minimize the number of people pointing out how damaging this pipeline expansion would be for the climate?.

Tell Trudeau and his ministers that the NEB must take the climate effects of Trans Mountain seriously.

I’ve attached the email we sent to you earlier this week below.

Dear PAOV,

Earlier this morning, I was reminiscing about the last federal election. It was a sunnier time back then: A time when Canada’s Prime Minister promised to tackle climate change, said the relationship with Indigenous peoples was Canada’s ‘most important relationship’, and appointed a gender balanced cabinet. Because it was 2015.

But it’s not 2015 anymore. And oh, how my optimism has faded. Remember 2015 Trudeau? The same man who promised to phase out fossil fuel subsidies? Well 2019 Trudeau gave away a cool $1.6 billion to oil and gas corporations. That’s on top of the $4.5 billion bailout he gave to Texas-based Kinder Morgan to buy their aging Trans Mountain pipeline. All this from a man who said that he’d take immediate action on climate change.

Will you take a moment and send a message telling Trudeau it’s time to include climate change in ALL energy project reviews? Because it’s 2019.


This week, Stand.earth teamed up with climate and economics experts to file a formal challenge to the National Energy Board (we hired a lawyer and everything!). We want to make sure the government includes a real climate review as it undertakes the court-ordered reassessment of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

This request isn’t coming out of left field. When he was running against Stephen Harper to become Prime Minister, Trudeau promised to ensure all pipelines would be subject to a climate test. That means instructing the National Energy Board to complete a full upstream and downstream account of their climate and greenhouse gas impacts. Strangely, the NEB required a full emissions and climate review for the Energy East pipeline. But not for Trans Mountain.

Send a message to Trudeau and his cabinet ministers: We need a proper Trans Mountain climate review.

This is an election year, and it’s now more crucial than ever that Trudeau and his team hear from us at every possible opportunity. So we need to step it up. We know that Trudeau is hearing from groups like Oil Sands Strong and Ontario Proud every day. Trudeau and his cabinet needs to know that these groups don’t speak for Canadians – that we want to see bold action to tackle climate change now.

Click here to send a message to Trudeau and his cabinet.

For over six years now, the Stand.earth community has been working to stop Kinder Morgan and the Trans Mountain pipeline. Across the Salish Sea, where the pipeline would increase tar sands tanker traffic by 700%, tens of thousands have shown up to demonstrations against this project. Together, we’ve made a difference. We got the Texas-based oil giant Kinder Morgan to tuck its tail and run. But not before it sold the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project to Justin Trudeau.

Now, Trudeau’s government both owns the pipeline and is responsible for the agency that regulates it, so it’s more important than ever that the Prime Minister and his cabinet understand that they can’t give this pipeline any special treatment when it comes to climate impacts.

Send Trudeau’s government a message: Tell them to do a proper climate test on Trans Mountain.


Sven Biggs

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