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It's time for real anti-plastics laws in Canada

Corporations like Nestlé and Tim Horton’s are polluting our oceans with deadly plastics.

Tell Canada we need powerful anti-plastics laws to tackle the plastics crisis.

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Everyday, plastic trash from Nestlé, Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s are clogging Canadian waterways and washing up on our shores. Not only that, this plastic ends up in the ocean where it causes serious harm to marine animals: straws stuck up sea turtles nostrils, plastic debris starving seabirds and tiny micro-plastics entering the food chain.

If something isn’t done soon, by... 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

The good news is -- we have the power to tackle the plastics crisis in a real way. Last year, over 171,000 SumOfUs members like you supported a progressive motion to tackle the plastics crisis in Canada. And because of you, it passed unanimously in Parliament.

But we can’t just let that victory be a feel good moment for politicians. It’s time to hold their feet to the flames now and demand concrete anti-plastics laws -- banning non-essential single-use plastics from corporations like Nestlé and Tim Hortons.

Call on Environment Minister McKenna and PC and NDP environment critics to introduce comprehensive anti-plastics laws.

Motion M-151 offered a framework to reduce plastic products entering the oceans such as bags, bottles, and straws, to clean up shores and to educate the public about plastic pollution. This would force corporations that have relied on cheap, disposable plastics to clean up their act and would be a huge step forward in protecting marine animals that are devastated at the hands of plastic pollution.

But parliamentary motions aren’t law and they can often lead nowhere. And this one is way too important to be forgotten as every year plastic kills one million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals such as sea turtles, whale, dolphins, and seals.

Every single MP in Parliament voted for the motion in December because almost 175,000 SumOfUs members like you took action - signing petitions, funding our petition delivery on Parliament Hill and calling your MPs. We know we have incredible power when we work together we can create real anti-plastics law in Canada.

Sign today to tell Canada to create strong anti-plastics legislation.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia, Angus and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Nestlé, Tim Hortons named Canada's top plastic polluters, CBC, 10 October 2018
MP Gord Johns’ ocean plastics motion passes unanimously, Alberni Valley News, 05 December 2018

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