Unsolved murders of Indigenous women

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PAOV — 22-year-old Cassidy Jean Bernard was found murdered in her home on We'koqma'q First Nation. Her twin baby girls were found with her, unharmed. Several months have gone by and no arrests have been made, leading her community to speak out against the tragic and unresolved deaths of Indigenous women in Canada. Cassidy’s family is asking that January 28 — today, her birthday — be designated an official day of mourning and action for missing and murdered Indigenous women. You can support them by adding your name.

Petitioning All Levels of Government All levels of Government : National day of Remembrance on January 28. In memory of Cassidy Jean Bernard and all MMIW

Petition by Mona Bernard


Sign now with a click On an autumn day last October, in the small and close knit We'koqma'q First Nation, 22 year old Cassidy Jean Bernard was found murdered in her own home. Her twin baby girls were in the house with her. We, her family could never have imagined that as February approaches, no one would be arrested yet for this crime. Not only our family members, but our whole community was traumatically thrown into the midst of the national epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Cassidy's death has lead the Mi'kmaw communities in Unama'ki (Cape Breton) to activism. Along with us the family, our neighbours and supporters continue to speak out, "This must not be allowed to happen." The tragic and senseless unresolved deaths of Indigenous Women must not be Cape Breton's story, not Nova Scotia's story, not Canada's story.

As Canadians we are all negatively impacted by these unsolved murders. It is important that all Canadians can stand together and know that we are valued, that we are important. Indigenous girls need to know that all Canadians value their potential as the next generations of leaders, creators, protectors, community members and family members.

All of the undersigned, stand together with the members of Cassidy's family. We ask that Cassidy's birthday, January 28, be named our official day of mourning and action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada. We respectfully submit that it should have two goals that go hand in hand like the two parts of a heartbeat - first raising awareness of those who are lost and whose deaths were not solved and whose families still wait for justice, and second pledging to value all lives so that we can move forward, confidently knowing no women feel less protected in our country. Sign now with a click Visit petition page

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