BREAKING: Bee referendum

Have you ever dreamed you could make a law to save the bees? Well, now you can.

In Germany’s biggest state Bavaria, a brave local initiative is just one step away from forcing a public vote on a law to save the bees. There’s only one thing missing: you.

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Breaking bee news from Germany! A brave group of local organisations and beekeepers is on the verge of getting a people’s vote to protect the bees from corporate pesticide giants.

Bayer -- a German company -- would be fuming if it lost such an important vote in its home... country.

But the community only got two weeks to get the vote secured. And they’re asking for your help.

Bavaria is Germany’s largest and most conservative state. They’ll only hold the vote if one million people -- 10 percent of the population -- register for it within a period of 14 days, starting this Thursday!

For a small initiative, this is a big mission -- but with your support, they can achieve it. If we want to help them save the bees, the most effective thing we can do is donate money for a huge advertising push that will convince citizens to head to their city halls and sign up to save the bees.

Will you chip in CA$93 to make this historic bee-saving vote possible?

Yes, I will chip in CA$93 to save the bees!

This is a big chance for our people power to have a massive impact: this proposal didn’t come from the Bavarian government, and it wasn’t touched by pesticide lobbyists. It came straight from the local community.

If this law passes, by 2025, a full 20 percent of Bavarian farmland would be organic, with no toxic synthetic pesticides threatening bees’ health. Farmers would be required to plant more diverse, flowering crops and fewer monocultures, and young farmers-in-training would be educated about sustainable agriculture and pesticides’ impact on bees.

Bavaria is one of the few states where this kind of law is possible -- so we’ve got to seize this opportunity for all it’s worth. If it passes, the new sustainable and bee-friendly agriculture could become a model -- first for Germany, and then for other countries, too. But to make this happen, we have to get out the vote fast, or the law -- and the bees -- could be doomed.

Please, will you chip in CA$93 to protect the bees?

SumOfUs members like you have already done so much for the bees in the past year. Thanks to your pressure, the EU banned three of the worst bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides last spring. And Germany just announced it was banning sulfoxaflor, the latest pesticide to threaten the bees.

But Europe’s bees are still under threat. In Bavaria, 50 percent of wild bees are endangered. To bring them back, we need more than pesticide bans -- we need a comprehensive plan exactly like the one this grassroots initiative is proposing.

SumOfUs isn’t just a friend to the bees. We’re a friend to anyone who dares to stand up against the corporate pesticide industry’s might and champion better alternatives for the people and the planet. And that’s exactly what’s happening in Bavaria.

A, will you chip in CA$93 to make this bee-saving dream a reality?

Yes, I'll chip in CA$93 to help the cause and save the bees!

Thanks for all that you do,
Christian and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Volksbegehren in Bayern, Süddeutsche, 2 January 2019 (in German language)

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