Your cell phone bill is going up AGAIN

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People in Canada already pay some of the highest cell phone bills in the world. Yet Bell, Rogers, and Virgin Mobile are jacking up their rates AGAIN.1


Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains has been promising more competition to lower costs for three years—but he's done nothing serious about it.

Remember: For low-income Canadians, this is about more than just a few extra bucks on their cell phone bill. More and more people can't afford to get online at all, effectively cutting them out of the modern economy.

The fastest, best way to increase consumer choice is to allow people in Canada to access low-cost Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), which will force the big telcos to compete and lower prices for us all—and Minister Bains has the power to mandate access to MVNOs right now.

OpenMedia is using bus stop ads, emails, and other grassroots mobilization tactics to call on Minister Bains to step in and bring people in Canada more choice on mobile. Will you chip in?

The latest price spike in cell phone bills is bad news for all consumers, but for low-income people, it could mean they can't get any Internet access at all. That's because home Internet prices have also gone through the roof, forcing low-income people to rely on wireless as their only way to access the Internet. If they can't afford cell phone service either, then they won't be able to get online at all.2

The reason we pay through the nose for these essential services is simple: There's not enough competition. The market is controlled by a few big telcos that are more than happy to pad their pockets as people rely more and more on the net for their work and school, and to stay connected with friends and family.

The solution is simple: MVNOs can inject some much-needed choice into Canada's broken mobile market. The CRTC rejected this step last year, and that's why Minister Bains needs to step in without further ado.3

Minister Bains has been talking the talk on increased competition and lower cell phone bills for the three years he's held office.4 Now it's time he walks the walk. He has the power to mandate access to MVNOs from his current post. What is he waiting for?

OpenMedia is amping up the pressure on Minister Bains to use his role to bring Canadians more choice on mobile. Will you chip in?


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