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The science is clear: Canada needs to stop digging up new oil, coal and gas and move rapidly towards a 100 per cent renewable energy economy within the next two decades.

And yet Trudeau’s government keeps on snoozing the alarm issued by the world’s top climate scientists. That’s why in 2019, our team is turning to a bold and novel vision for climate action: a Green New Deal for Canada. What do you think about this vision? Fill out this survey to let us know.

The Green New Deal is a policy platform that’s rapidly gaining steam in the United States and it is perhaps the most straightforward policy proposal for tackling climate change that many of us have ever seen. It boils down... to two key demands: Good Jobs and a Liveable Future.

If you ask me, that’s the same thing that we need here in Canada – a climate plan that stops fossil fuel expansion, centers Indigenous rights, and guarantees a good job for impacted workers.

What do you think about a Green New Deal for Canada? Take 2 minutes to fill out this survey and let us know.

2019 will be a big year -- with a game-changing federal election around the corner and some major upcoming moments in the fight against the fossil fuel industry.

I’m already nervous about the challenges awaiting us this new year, but knowing that we’re all in this fight together gives me hope.

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