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Right now, people are using Change to help prevent elephants and rhinos from being killed for their ivory. Another campaign is fighting to stop sharks from having their fins cut off and sold in Canada. And yet another campaign is putting a spotlight on freeing young orcas and belugas that are freezing to death in tiny underwater cages.

Change is able to connect more animal lovers than ever before to have real power to end animal cruelty. Thanks to our online resources, we can alert people when action is needed to help animals. This enables people to win on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

It takes people becoming Change Members to be able to fund our powerful animal campaigns — campaigns like the one fighting for Canada to lead on protecting bees from being decimated. At $5 a month, when combined with other Change Members, we can do big things for animals in 2019. Are you ready to become a Change Member?

Yes! I want to chip in $5 a month to help animals

Change is unique in how we help animals. We believe you are the best advocate for how we can best end animal cruelty in your community, across the country, and around the world. So we created an open, independent platform that is free for anyone to use. People like you can then start the campaigns they think are most important.

We then help these campaigns to connect with as many people as possible, get media attention, and pressure those who can act to protect animals. But we can’t do that without Change Members. Their monthly contributions fuel our work and make sure anyone, anywhere can stand up for animals.

At $5 a month, you can do so much for animals. Each of us alone can’t be there for all animals. But together, and through a Change Membership, we can be there for more animals than ever and make real progress on ending animal cruelty. Please join our Change Membership community today.

I want to join the Change Membership community today

Thank you for being a partner in wiping out animal cruelty.

Laura Dunens

Change.org Canada

P.S. I believe ending animal cruelty depends on Change thriving. Here at Change, we believe the movement to help animals is stronger when all people can be involved. Thank you for making sure 2019 is our most impactful year yet for animals with a Change.org Membership.

We're certified as a company dedicated to public benefit, which means we have a social mission that's held to high external standards of accountability. Our model relies on membership contributions from people like you.

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