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PAOV — More than two months after a video appeared on Facebook showing two boys in Alberta violently beating a coyote to death and laughing as they did it, charges are yet to be laid. Petition starter Kirby believes that Canadians can’t turn a blind eye to such blatant animal cruelty, and is asking the Alberta RCMP to hold these boys accountable for their actions. If you believe acts of animal violence should not be tolerated, add your name today.

Petitioning RCMP - Grande Prairie (Sexsmith - Alberta) RCMP - Grande Prairie (Sexsmith - Albert): Charges need to be laid!

Petition by Kirby Silverberg
Bolton, Canada


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Over the weekend a video surfaced online of two boys beating a coyote to death. Laughing while they slam the still alive animal against their snowmobile. The videos is so disturbing to watch. The boys taunt the animal as they clearly take pleasure in ending its life. The RCMP is undecided as to whether or not charges will be laid. This shouldn’t be a question of if. This inhumane, sociopathic behaviour needs to be punished.

Charge the individuals responsible.

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Something needs to be done. These acts of violence against a defenceless animal cannot be tolerated. Sign now with a click Visit petition page is proudly funded by people like you, PAOV. As a public benefit company, we rely on the contributions of ordinary people. Each contribution we receive means our small campaigns team of 3 right here in Canada can help people who start petitions win their campaigns. We believe in the voice of the people – that’s why we built a platform that is 100% independent and available for everyone to create the change they want to see. Learn how you can support critical petitions by becoming a Member.

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