Another Blow against Mass Incarceration

Open Society Foundations Three men in a police station © Benedicte Kurzen/NOOR for the Open Society Foundations
In Nigeria, people who land in pretrial detention can often find themselves in a kind of legal black hole. Due to a combination of overcrowding, bureaucratic inefficiency, and neglect, even people who have been arrested for minor charges can end up spending years waiting for a chance to defend themselves in court. Sometimes, the time they spend waiting exceeds the maximum sentence they’d face upon conviction. But thanks to the work of civil society organizations in Nigeria, as well as a growing team of volunteers, more pretrial detainees are getting the legal counsel they deserve—and an initiative which is already getting results is poised to expand considerably.



Can a Virtual Reality Video Help Fight Anti-HIV Stigma?

A woman wearing a virtual reality headset
In Cape Town, activists are working to combat the myths and misinformation associated with HIV testing.

Rights & Justice

Women Will Not Be Silent

A large crowd of people
By now, the link between authoritarianism and the repression of women and gender nonconforming people is clear. But those targeted by such hateful politics cannot—and will not—be intimidated.


Survivors Resist a Culture of Silence

The back of a woman wearing a hat in a forest
In this week’s Open Society Instagram takeover, survivors of wartime sexual assault in Kosovo are beginning to reject those who want them to keep their trauma secret.

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