endangered species

Killer whales. Caribou. Cutthroat trout. These animals are supposed to be “protected” under the Endangered Species Act, but all three species are at risk of being completely wiped off the planet by destructive industrial projects. [1]

Right now, when a species is designated “endangered” under the Endangered Species Act, there’s no enforced time limit on how long the government can take to put a plan in place to actually protect them.

That means that after being identified as endangered, these animals and their habitats are being left unprotected from oil, gas, and mining corporations who want to tear up their precious ecosystems for profit. [2]

Protection plans have been taking over six years to create, and many endangered animals still don’t have one at all. [3] For the almost 200 vulnerable species -- like the caribou, killer whale, and sea otter -- that could mean a death sentence.

If we can blow the lid off this giant failing in the Endangered Species Act with a massive petition pressuring the federal government, we could force them to implement a 1-year time limit on creating protection plans for animals deemed endangered. Will you add your name before endangered species lose more of their habitat?


When we lose a species forever, the ripple effects of that damage stretch far beyond what we can even immediately assess. And with our climate teetering closer and closer to the brink, we can’t afford to lose any more species.

Even though the Cutthroat Trout was designated as ‘endangered’ in 2013, there’s still no protection plan in place, leaving the species vulnerable to a coal mine proposal that’s currently awaiting approval from the National Energy Board and could destroy their home forever. [4]

We’ve been letting the government get away with putting entire species at risk for far too long. With a protection plan in place, it would be much harder for the coal mine threatening the Cutthroat Trout to be approved.

Will you add your name to demand the government implement an enforced 1-year protection plan time limit for at-risk species before any more species-killing energy projects are approved?

With hope,

Rachel and Chloe on behalf of the Leadnow team

[1-4] https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/timberwolf-wilderness-society-lawsuit-cutthroat-trout-federal-species-protection-1.5014426?cmp=rss

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