A revolutionary new fight

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Last weekend, I felt the collective power and resolve of hundreds of young people from every corner of this country who are ready to kickstart a revolutionary new fight.

I spent 4 days at Powershift Young and Rising in Ottawa where it became crystal clear that young people like myself are eager to take the lead in building bold and visionary solutions that tackle climate change and inequality -- like a Green New Deal for Canada. But we will need all the help we can get to make this vision a reality -- will you sign up to back a Green New Deal for Canada?

A Green New Deal for Canada means mobilizing a WWII scale response to climate change that addresses not just the environmental crisis,... but enshrines Indigenous rights into law. It means climate policies that transition us off fossil fuels in line with what the science demands by making massive investments in renewable energy and public transportation and guaranteeing green jobs for workers all across Canada.

I was there as hundreds of other youth packed rooms for panels, trainings, and strategy sessions. Then, on Sunday, dozens of us took to the Rideau Canal to bring the idea of a Green New Deal for Canada to the people. As we talked to skaters-by, including parents, students, and retirees, it was clear that there is intergenerational support for this kind of ambitious action. Sign up to join the growing movement in support of this bold vision.

This October, for the first time, millennials will be the largest voting block in the federal election, and we’re ready to show up to challenge status-quo climate and energy politics in Canada. Instead of investing billions to bail out, buy-out and subsidize the fossil fuel industry, we’re ready to see politicians invest in the climate change and job-creating solutions that our generation deserves.

We will need all hands on deck to win the fight for the bold visionary promise of a Green New Deal for Canada. That’s why I’m asking you to raise your hand to join this fight.



PS - This is just the beginning, if you sign up, we will follow up in the upcoming months about opportunities to take action in your communities.

Photo Credit: Allan Lissner

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