"Neon Nazis"?

“Make Canada Great Again” hats. “Proud Nationalist” signs. Even a Nazi salute. These have all been seen among the ranks of “Yellow Vesters”, as part of their convoy that just arrived in Ottawa. [1]

What began with legitimate concerns over job loss in a dying oil and gas industry has become a movement plagued with racist vitriol, fighting to close the borders to immigrants. It’s now a home for the hateful far-right.

But rather than speaking out against this hate, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is normalizing it by wholeheartedly supporting the Vesters and even sharing a stage with a known white supremacist at their rally on Parliament Hill. [2]

It’s unacceptable for a leader of a major political party to give hate such a platform.

And too much media coverage is ignoring it too, by simply calling this a “pro-pipeline” protest, [3] helping Scheer get away with his unadulterated support.

A huge petition demanding Scheer condemn this racism could blow the lid off of this facade. Every moment we don’t act gives their normalized hate time to fester — and spread.

Will you add your name to demand Scheer denounce their spawning bigotry before any more racism is normalized?

This is not a few inevitable bad apples spoiling the bunch. A key organizer called the immigration minister an “ugly [N word], responsible for flooding Canada with useless [N word] Muslim terrorists.” [4] White supremacists like Faith Goldy spoke at their rally, there have been threats on the Prime Minister’s life, and racist comments are pouring out of their online forums. [5-6]

Let’s be clear: we respect those Canadians exercising their democratic right to express their fear of lost livelihoods. Fear of job loss in the oil and gas industry is warranted — it’s a dying industry. But we also know the answer isn’t more pipelines — and it certainly isn’t closing the borders to immigrants.

Andrew Scheer is feeding the false promise of a future with oil and gas jobs -- and more alarmingly, he’s legitimizing the racism embedded in this movement (and letting it grow) by not speaking out. We have a chance to change that.

Will you add your name to demand Scheer denounce the hate coming from the Yellow Vest movement, before they draw any more racist supporters?

We’ve done it before. When Scheer appeared on far-right website, the Rebel, a powerful surge of public pressure from the Leadnow community called on him to denounce it — and he did it. [7] Because he knows the political cost of being associated with this kind of racism — especially in an election year. That’s why we need to come together and make this too loud to ignore, with a massive petition asking him to stand up against the hateful elements within the Yellow Vests movement.

Add your name: https://act.leadnow.ca/yellow-vest/

With hope,

Rachel and Sonia and Brittany on behalf of the Leadnow team

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