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R&F.ca Weekly Update r1 ... Halifax has a Workers Action Centre! | What is going on at the University of Regina? | Strike wave wins raises for Mexican factory workers | Saskatoon Co-op strike: Reply to Pohler s16
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By Robert Devet

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – People who get paid the least and work in the most unstable jobs are often the people most vulnerable to abuse by their bosses.

And without a union or money to get legal help, these workers usually have nowhere to go.

In Halifax at least that situations has improved a bit. There is now a Workers Action Centre (WAC) that you can turn to for answers to your questions and for concrete support.

“We’re starting slowly, and will continue to build,” says Katrin MacPhee, an organizer with the Halifax WAC. Read more!


Well, quite a bit. The University of Regina Faculty Association which represents 1400 employees, attained a strike mandate in November 2018, seeking wage increases to match inflation and job security for sessional instructors, among other things. URFA’s contract expired in June 2017. URFA and Administration are currently in mediation.

And the U of R Students’ Union is experiencing a lot of internal conflicts – how does this impact solidarity building between students and faculty?

John Loeppky, editor in chief of the campus newspaper the Carillon, breaks down how the administration, faculty, and students are all relating to one another. Read more!


By Paolo Marinaro and Dan DiMaggio

Mexican maquiladora workers in 70 factories have won big wage increases and bonuses in a strike wave that began in January.

The strikes in the industrial city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, on the border with Brownsville, Texas, have primarily hit auto parts factories, where tens of thousands of workers make goods for General Motors and other car manufacturers.

The first of the strikes began on January 12 at eight factories. Workers were demanding a 20 percent wage increase and an annual bonus of 32,000 pesos ($1,600)—a demand now popularized as “20/32.” Read more!


Editor’s Introduction The Saskatoon Co-op strike has been on since November 1 with strikers fighting against an increasingly ugly employerthat wants a two-tier contract that would sell out all future hires. Recently, the case for backing the strikers was made by Andrew Stevens and Charles Smith. A new opinion piece with a different view of the strike has been written by Industrial Relations professor at the University of Toronto, Dionne Pohler.

Charles Smith respond below to Pohler:

In this piece, Professor Pohler challenges Andrew Stevens and I (without directly naming us) on a few things with regard to the Co-op strike in Saskatoon. Read more!

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