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Scandal of WWF-funded abuse revealed in BuzzFeed investigation

One Of The World’s Biggest Charities Funds Guards Who Have Tortured And Killed People

A major new BuzzFeed investigation has revealed the shocking extent of WWF-funded abuse in the name of conservation.
READ THE REPORT NOW The scandal has long been ignored by the conservation industry while tribal peoples around the world have paid the price, sometimes with their lives.

In the Congo Basin, the Baka fear for their future. They’re being evicted to make way for the creation of a new national park, Messok Dja, which is backed by WWF. For years, WWF-funded park rangers have been entering the Baka’s forest and beating and torturing any tribal people they find there.

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Email WWF about Messok Dja Share the report on Twitter Share the report on Facebook If you're a WWF supporter, please tell WWF that you won't support them anymore until they stop funding human rights violations.

And please, spread the word. Urge your friends to join Survival's campaign for a better conservation: One that puts tribal peoples' rights at its heart.
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