Dumping salt in a river?!

Stop Alton Gas from destroying the Shubenacadie River

A massive natural gas company is about to destroy a river in Nova Scotia and trample Indigenous rights.

Tell the Federal government to stop Alton Gas’ destructive project.

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No one would ever think that dumping 3,000 tonnes of salt into a river every single day would be a good idea. And yet that is exactly what Alton Gas is asking the Federal government to let it do.

Indigenous grandmothers and their allies have been fighting Alton Gas’ massive gas storage project, for over 5 years,... and the Mi’kmaq have Treaty and environmental law on their side.

That’s why Alton Gas is seeking a run around the rules from the Federal government to allow it to break environmental laws and disregard Indigenous rights to force its destructive mega-project through.

The good news is that there’s still time to support Indigenous rights and protect the river from Alton Gas. A huge outcry now could change the Fed’s mind and deny Alton Gas the permission it needs to start construction.

Will you sign today to tell the Federal government to stop Alton Gas’ destructive gas storage project?

Alton Gas is a subsidiary of AltaGas, has been trying to push through its destructive project for 15 years. But Mi’kmaw water protectors have stopped it while asserting their treaty rights through the Peace and Friendship Treaties.

These treaties never ceded titles of the land and waters to colonial forces and guarantee Mi’kmaq people the liberty to hunt and fish as usual. The treaties also made provisions for a Truckhouse to meet and trade fish and other goods, which the water protectors have built next to the site of Alton Gas’ proposed project.

Alton Gas knows that the law is on the side of the Mi’kmaq people, which is why it has appealed to the Federal government to make brand new rules, just for Alton Gas. Corporations shouldn’t get preferential treatment and it’s time we tell the Federal government that we won’t support one set of rules for Alton Gas, and one for the rest of Canada.

Tell the Federal government to stop giving preferential treatment to Alton Gas.

Alton Gas is a subsidiary of a multi-billion dollar natural gas corporation seeking to store natural gas in the salt caverns along the Shubenacadie river. The excavated salt from the caverns would get dumped directly into the river, polluting the water and seriously harming the fish that call it home.

The river is also the traditional land of the Mi’kmaw who have treaty rights to hunt and fish on the river without disruption. Alton Gas’ project violates those rights and threatens an important Mi’kmaw food source.

With an environmental and human rights nightmare on its hand, Alton Gas has pressured the Federal government to consider create new rules just for this project. But together, we can ensure that the Feds put people and the planet before Alton Gas’ profits.

Tell the Canadian government to stop Alton Gas from destroying the Shubenacadie river and violating Indigenous rights.

SumOfUs has supported Indigenous resistance to massive gas companies before. In December, when Coastal Gaslink filed an injunction against the Wet’suwet’en people at Unist’ot’en Camp, over 13,000 members like you sent emails to key decision makers and kept the pressure on to drop the injunction. SumOfUs members also donated 10,000 to support its legal case. That project was recently issued a stop work order for non-compliance of conditions and destruction of Indigenous traplines.

We know that the Canadian government has a history of ignoring Indigenous rights in favour of oil and gas companies. But we also know that people power has turned the tide before and, together, we can do it again and prevent Alton Gas from manipulating the law for its own benefit.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia and the team at SumOfUs

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