Women Workers Forced Out on Strike on IWD

Women Workers Forced Out on Strike on IWD r1 ...

A recent (5 March 2019) CCPA report ranked Windsor 20th out of 26 on the Gender Gap Index for Canada's largest cities. Windsor is one of only two cities where the gender wage gap actually increased between 2012 and 2016.

So it shouldn't be a surprise that what the 86 nurses of various kinds who work for the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit are trying to do at the bargaining table is at least keep pace with their colleagues in predominantly male jobs like firefighter and police officer. They gave it a good try - they have been bargaining hard since their collective agreement expired in March of 2018. But after almost year of talking to a wall they were forced out on strike.

Appropriately, their first day on the picket lines was Friday - International Women's Day. The day when we all recognize and reflect on the struggles of women workers through history and around the world as they fought and still fight for equality. Not least gender equality in wages.

So it is just as appropriate that we take a few seconds out of our day and tell their employer that it is swimming against the tide. That we know what it is doing and we are calling it out. And that we support these women workers in their fight and in the larger struggle for gender equality everywhere.

The Ontario Nurses Association has set up an online action and is asking us all to participate. Just go HERE to send a solidarity message.

If it takes you longer than 30 seconds to send your message you probably need a new internet service provider but LabourStart will still buy you a one year subscription or Our Times magazine. Just contact us here and let us know. And while we're talking about Our Times, check out their new website right HERE.

Please also pass this message along to all your fair-minded friends and contacts.
In Solidarity,

Derek Blackadder
LabourStart Canada


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