Why we're united against racism



I was beyond inspired to see people from coast to coast in Canada take to the streets this Thursday for the day to #UniteAgainstRacism organized by our friends at Migrant Rights Network. From Vancouver, to Toronto, to Halifax, their message was clear: equal status, fair work, decent wages, access to public services, and a just, displacement-free society for all migrants.

This week, we sent two emails calling our friends in the climate movement to stand in solidarity and mobilize for the #UniteAgainstRacism events across the country. We got a lot of responses back, some loving and supportive ones, others less so. To those, who are with us in this fight, thank you. We want to be clear. It is our collective responsibility to defeat hate and advocate for a climate movement that promotes solidarity, dignity, and safety for all.

That’s exactly... why the bold vision of a Green New Deal in Canada is so important. It tackles climate change at the scale that both science, and justice demand. Sign up to join us in tackling the multiple intersecting crises that climate change fuels, and to win a Green New Deal to transform our economy for the better.

Connecting these fights isn’t only about solidarity, it’s also about strategy. It’s about recognizing that climate change isn’t a single issue problem. Climate change is fueling displacement and migration around the world. And it’s no coincidence that the same politicians and pundits using anti-immigrant, and anti-Indigenous rhetoric to try and divide us are the ones backing the interests of fossil fuel billionaires.

As someone who grew up in, and is living in Quebec, I remember with a heavy heart the Mosque shooting that happened nearly two years ago. It was a solemn reminder that anti-racism must be at the base of all of our movements. I also know that real climate justice is about more than lowering emissions -- it’s about ensuring a safe future for all people.

A Green New Deal for Canada is a climate solution built around this fact, and to win it, we have to fight racism and challenge white supremacy.

Join the movement for a Green New Deal if you want to be part of building a climate movement that advocates for everyone.

With a constant barrage of tragedies in the news, and with rising climate impacts -- in particular in the Global South -- we need to organize not just around slowing emissions, but building the kind of solidarity and unity and that can bring on a massive economic and social transformation that works for everyone.

With love and resolve,


PS -- Check out this video with highlights from Powershift: Young and Rising in February -- it’s got great content on the many ways the climate movement is showing up to build a more just, equitable, and loving world.

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