Student Strikes for Climate Justice

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1792 ... March 27, 2019

Student Strikes for Climate Justice

Since 2018, Swedish students have been striking in front of the Parliament in Stockholm every Friday, prompted initially by high school student Greta Thunberg. The demand has been simple -- the Swedish government should meet the carbon emissions reduction targets set out in the Paris Agreement. The movement has continued to grow, and on March 15 students from around the world walked out of classes in a strike for climate justice. In Canada, the first climate walkout occurred in Sudbury in November last year when Sophia Mathur joined the #FridaysfortheFuture actions, with students in nine cities walking out. In all parts of Canada on March 15, high school students, often joined by university students, joined the climate strike. The student climate... strikes continue to grow in Canada and around the world, with the next Canada wide walkout planned by Fridays for the Future for May 3, 2019. These need to become mass strikes that we can only hope keep building and, indeed, begin to push beyond students to all sectors of society.

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