Organizing Beyond Ford: Action Keele Bus Riders' Campaign

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1793 ... March 28, 2019

Organizing Beyond Ford: Action Keele Bus Riders’ Campaign

Sadia Khan

The 41 Keele bus route wound its way north through the city long before Doug Ford came to reign over our province. It will continue long after he is out of office.

The bus goes from Pioneer Village Station to Keele Station and is ranked among the five worst performing routes by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). The midday 41 was the most overcrowded route on the TTC in 2016. It travels almost exclusively through neighbourhoods with average incomes considered "low" to "very low" based on 2016 census data. Residents in these neighbourhoods are more likely to take public transit on average than others across Toronto. If they live north of St. Clair Ave.... West -- as most of them do -- these residents are also much more likely to face commutes of over an hour to work every day.

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