The Green New Deal Can Work -- Heres How

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1796 ... April 2, 2019

The Green New Deal Can Work -- Here’s How

Jeremy Brecher

The Green New Deal (GND) resolution recently submitted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) proposes a broad vision to transform America. It calls for a mobilization to create a climate-safe America and thereby "create millions of good, high-wage jobs, virtually eliminate poverty, provide unprecedented levels of prosperity and economic securing for all U.S. persons, and counteract systemic injustices." Here’s a strategy for how it can succeed.

Mobilize Government

Global warming has rightly been called history’s "greatest market failure." Correcting it cannot be left to the market. The GND will need bold economic planning, industrial policies, and public investment to guide and facilitate the process. It will need full-employment... macroeconomic policies that prevent unemployment, assure prosperity, and encourage full use of economic resources during the transition. And it will need public mobilization and redirection of human and material resources that are required for the transition. Therefore the GND requires government institutions specifically designed to implement the transition to climate protection.

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