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Just a few years ago, hardly any politicians were talking about Canada's skyrocketing cell phone plan prices—despite the fact that we pay more than nearly anyone else in the world.1


Wow, how times have changed.

First, the Liberal government issued a new policy direction ordering the CRTC to promote affordability.2 And now the NDP has added affordable cell plans to its party platform as well.3

With two of the major political parties campaigning on affordable cell phone plans, we have a historic chance to lower them.

Will you donate to take advantage of this moment and convince Ottawa to finally take action on cell phone costs?

Right now, Canadians pay nearly 35% more for cell phone services than people do in the US and 50% more than in the U.K.—and prices keep going up.4

We all feel the pinch of our cell phone bills, and Canada's unaffordable service deepens the digital divide between low-income families, rural communities, and urban areas.

Bell, Telus, and Rogers would like us to believe that Canada's size and infrastructure costs keep plan prices high, but that's just not true.5 It's the Big 3's monopoly that keeps out more affordable plans and allows them to charge whatever they want.

That's why OpenMedia has been lobbying Parliament for a renewed policy direction for the CRTC to protect customers and lower our cell phone bills. And now we've gotten cell phone service prices on the agenda for both the Liberals and the NDP. We're well on our way to making this a truly national, cross-partisan issue.

We took a giant step forward when the government ordered the CRTC to “promote competition, affordability, consumer interests and innovation” through a new policy direction.6 This new direction can be a total game changer, as the CRTC is supposed to use it to guide all of its decisions and regulate Big Telecom.

But we need to rally grassroots pressure to stop the Big 3 from killing the new, pro-customer direction and maintaining the status quo. We're winning—we can't give up when we're so close to having affordable cell service.

Will you donate to help bring affordable cell phone service to Canada?


For cell phone access for all,
Marie, and the whole team at OpenMedia

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