The planet is on a collision course with irreversible climate change. But BlackRock -- the world’s largest asset manager -- can set a new path forward.

Tell BlackRock to divest its $6 trillion in managed assets from the fossil fuels driving climate disaster!

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The biggest driver of climate destruction on the planet finally has a name -- BlackRock.

We don’t have time to run the clock while climate-deniers and corrupt politicians push our planet closer to inevitable disaster. But while our fossil fueled economy feels stuck in the status quo, we have a plan.

BlackRock has funneled unrivaled... billions into dirty energy, is the world's largest investor in new coal plants, and is a key obstacle between us and a safe and inhabitable planet.

In one fell swoop, BlackRock has the power to pivot the global economy away from fossil fuels -- charting a bold new path towards a green global economy.

Thanks to surmounting pressure from partners, BlackRock’s CEO, Larry Fink is already feeling the heat. But now it's our turn to act quick.

Together, we could turn BlackRock’s $6 trillion in assets into our best weapon in the fight against climate change.

Tell BlackRock CEO Larry Fink: Stop financing climate disaster.

It's simple: BlackRock’s investments are killing the planet. The financial giant’s reserves in the fossil fuel industry contributed to a whopping 30 percent of all energy-related carbon emissions from 2017.

BlackRock’s attempts to save face have failed and it knows it. When the company greenwashed its image by touting a new set of “green” Exchange-Traded Funds for investors it only amounted to a measly 3 percent of the firm’s assets in 2018.

The good news is we’ve taken on BlackRock before -- and won. Just last year, BlackRock divested from an Eritrean mining company using forced conscripted labor under pressure from our SumOfUs community and local partners. Now, we need to come together to call on BlackRock to take bold climate action -- before it’s too late.

Will you add your name now to pressure BlackRock to divest from companies driving climate change before the “tipping point” of disaster?

Call on BlackRock to divest from fossil fuels and chart a new course towards a global green economy.

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Sijal, Mark and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

BlackRock's 'Greenwashing' threatens to undermine climate action, The American Prospect, February 26 2019
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