Doug Ford's gift to Rogers, Bell, and Telus

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BREAKING: Doug Ford's controversial Bill 66 is now law, and Ontario has officially scrapped its protections for wireless customers.1

Ontario had some of the... strongest wireless customer protections in the country, but Doug Ford has finally granted Bell, Telus and Rogers their dream of repealing these protections for good.2

With Doug Ford gutting consumer protections for Ontario, we need to fight for wireless customer protections at the federal level and against further attacks in other provinces. Will you chip in to fight back against Big Telecom's attack on customer protections?

Canadians pay some of the highest cell phone bills in the world for awful service. Year after year, complaints rise about misleading contracts and unjustified surcharges. In fact, the very same day Ontario's Bill 66 passed its third reading, new federal data showed complaints against wireless providers jumped 44% in 2018.3

The federal Wireless Code of Conduct is supposed to protect wireless consumers across the country. But due to its poor enforcement mechanisms, we see customer complaints go up year after year, with no major changes or penalties for the telecom industry.4

That's why provinces like Ontario joined Quebec, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia to rein in misleading wireless contracts and stop exorbitant surcharges with legislation that complements the federal code.5 But Rogers, Bell, and Telus fought back—and now those protections in Ontario are gone.

The demise of Ontario's wireless customer safeguards makes it all the more important that the country as a whole tightly regulates Big Telecom. We're fighting Canada-wide to ensure other provincial protections are kept in place and the federal protections are strengthened and given real enforcement.

Wireless customer protections are under attack at every level of government by Big Telecom's lobbyists. Will you chip in to help fight back?


The OpenMedia community in Ontario fought hard for three months to fight Bill 66. It sent thousands of emails and comments into the government, even getting some of those comments quoted at the provincial parliament. But with Doug Ford holding a majority government, it was ultimately impossible for us to stop Bill 66.

We can't let this happen elsewhere.

Thanks for all that you do.
Rodrigo, and the whole team at OpenMedia

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