A second province just proposed right to repair!

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WOW!! Quebec just became the second province in Canada to propose a right to repair legislation!1

This comes just a couple months after... an Ontario MPP proposed a similar bill in Ontario.2

Now it’s time for the Federal government to propose its own version of a bill to ensure that all people in Canada have the ability to repair goods they buy. Already, thousands of OpenMedia community members have signed on to a petition calling on the Minister Navdeep Bains to do just this.

Will you sign the petition to help strengthen the calls for right to repair legislation across Canada?


This is an election year, which means politicians are looking for popular ideas to get behind. If we show there is a groundswell of support for right to repair legislation in Canada, we could get the government and even some opposition parties to get behind this idea.

The reality is that right to repair is a concept gaining more momentum every day. That’s why dozens of states in the United States and even the European Union are all proposing some version of right to repair legislation.3

Even Apple, which has been fighting this movement from its inception, now sees the writing on the wall. Recently leaked documents show that Apple already has the capability to implement right to repair mandates and has even been expanding the number of third-party authorized dealers in an effort to stem the tide of people calling for more repairable Apple products.4

If even Apple is ready for this groundbreaking legislation, it’s time for our political leaders to get behind it. Sign the petition today calling on Minister Bains to enact the right to repair nationally!

Having the right to repair is about more than just being able to fix your toaster or change the screen on your iPhone. It’s about improving access to affordable, durable and reliable devices that connect people to the Internet; it’s about giving farmers the ability to repair their tractors during harvest season; it’s about increasing the lifespan of our goods and reducing waste.

When we buy a car, we expect to be able to get an oil change at any shop. Let’s demand the equivalent from all the products we buy.

Sign the petition today!

Thanks for all that you do

Rodrigo at OpenMedia

P.S: Help OpenMedia continue to build on the right to repair movement at a national level by donating today!


[1] Bill n°197 : An Act to amend the Consumer Protection Act to fight planned obsolescence and assert the right to repair goods: National Assembly of Quebec
[2] Right to Repair Legislation Is Officially Being Considered In Canada: Motherboard
[3] Climate change: 'Right to repair' gathers force: BBC
[4] Internal Documents Show Apple Is Capable of Implementing Right to Repair Legislation: Motherboard


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