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One month until Pepsi's biggest meeting of the year.

By staying in business with conflict palm oil, Pepsi is looking the other way while rainforests are destroyed.

If you've got a pension, superannuation fund or mutual fund, you probably own Pepsi shares -- which means YOU have the power to force the soda giant to do better, ahead of Pepsi’s big shareholder meeting next month.

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Pepsi’s got a palm oil problem. Its business partner Indofood is abusing rainforests, orangutans and its own workers, but Pepsi’s CEO... and Chair Ramon Laguarta is refusing to cut ties.

So SumOfUs is going to the soda giant’s biggest shareholder meeting, to send Pepsi a message in the one language it can understand. But we need your help to pull it off.

Thanks to SumOfUs members who own Pepsi shares, our proposal for more sustainability and board independence is up for a vote. If you have a pension, superannuation fund or mutual fund you probably own Pepsi shares. That means you have the power to hold this multi billion-dollar corporation to account.

Simply click below and use our email tool -- and your power as a shareholder -- to support the proposal SumOfUs is presenting. Your shares, no matter how small, could tip the balance and force Pepsi to put rainforests over profits.

Call on your pension fund manager to demand that Pepsi cuts its ties to conflict palm oil.

There’s a pre-written email, so you can ask that your Pepsi shares be used to demand real change at the upcoming shareholder meeting on May 1. It only takes two minutes for you to send the email, but the impact could be outstanding.

Indofood has been abusing and underpaying its workers, and slashing and burning hectares of precious rainforest to cultivate its palm oil. It’s so dirty it was recently given the boot by the RSPO, the world’s largest palm oil sustainability certifier.

It’s not enough for Pepsi to stop purchasing oil from Indofood -- Pepsi needs to end the joint venture partnership that lets it profit off Indofood’s villainy while claiming to keep its hands clean.

Click here to force Pepsi to put protecting rainforests and orangutans over tainted profits.

By calling on the board to have more power over the CEO on issues of sustainability, our proposal will take this decision out of CEO Ramon Laguarta’s hands, paving the way for a truly sustainable future for the corporation. Ramon shouldn’t be his own boss!

Our shareholder activism works. Last year, thousands of SumOfUs members like you wrote to our pension funds calling for them to vote for climate accountability at the shareholder meeting of oil pipeline giant Kinder Morgan. In the end, the resolution passed with 60% of the vote, despite unanimous opposition from management.

Now, we need to mobilize and pressure Pepsi to implement better oversight -- for the sake of palm oil workers, endangered orangutans, and our climate.

Email your fund

Thanks for all that you do,
Rebecca, Fatah and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

The human cost of conflict palm oil Rainforest Action Network, 1 June 2016
Pepsico responds with 'disappointment' at Indofood's withdrawal from RSPO, Food Navigator, 30 January 2019

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