Brazil Under Bolsonaro: Social Base, Agenda and Perspectives

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1805 ... April 15, 2019

Brazil Under Bolsonaro: Social Base, Agenda and Perspectives

Ana Garcia

The rise of the far right is a worldwide phenomenon, rooted in the nefarious effects of neoliberal globalization which have pushed the world into mass unemployment and enormous inequalities. I consider it to be a late political effect of the global financial crisis that hit the world at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

It is not an easy task to explain the phenomenon of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and to understand the groups that support him, both within and outside government. It’s difficult, for anyone, to draw a truly complete and sober analysis of what we have experienced. This essay is not based on in-depth research but on collective reflections and debates. I... intend to pose some key questions and try to identify some clues to answer them.

1. Despite its innumerable concessions to the bourgeoisie, why was the Workers Party (PT) attacked by the right-wing forces, creating space for the emergence of "Bolsonarism"?

First of all, the effects of the 2008 economic crises were felt quite late, but they were profound in Brazil. Low commodity prices and economic slowdown had a perverse effect on employment levels. The GDP dropped 7.2 per cent between 2015-2016, and unemployment reached 12% during the 2018 election year. The economic crisis also generated a political crisis, which led to massive street demonstrations in June 2013, and it recently turned into an ideological crisis.

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