We lost an election, but we will win the fight

Today we’re launching a national campaign, led by young people and millenials, to win a Green New Deal for Canada. r1


You probably already know this, but last night, Jason Kenney was elected Premier of Alberta.

We’re not going to lie, the road ahead looks hard. Kenney won by appealing to the worst of who we are, and he will govern using our deepest fears and anxieties to serve the few and hurt the many.

But, as young Albertans, we still have hope and a steely resolve. This fall, young people and millennials could decide the federal election. For our entire lives, fossil fuel billionaires and their political allies have made decisions that undermine our right to good jobs and a liveable future. That was their time. This is our time, as young people, to lead.

Today we’re... launching a national campaign, led by young people and millennials, to win a Green New Deal for Canada. If you’re a young person, we invite you to join the Our Time campaign and stand up with us.

If you’re not a young person, we need your support as well. Sign up here to join the movement for Canada’s Green New Deal.

A Green New Deal would mean mass-investment that re-tools Canada’s economy to meet the urgency and scale of the climate crisis. It is our best hope of securing a liveable climate. And, by supporting working families with guaranteed good jobs, it would ensure that no one is left behind in a historic economic mobilization that gets Canada to 100% renewables.

We spent most of last night sitting in an Edmonton bar, refreshing Twitter and watching the election results roll in with a deep sense of dread. After a campaign where so many peoples’ rights were threatened, where politicians put queer and trans kids’ right to safety at risk, ignored Indigenous peoples' right to their lands, and put all of our basic rights to health care, education, fair wages and a liveable future on the line, we were scared.

But going forward, we’re ready to match our fear with action. In his victory speech, Jason Kenney said that Albertans deserve more than just the faint hope of one pipeline, and we agree. Albertans, and people all across Canada, deserve good jobs and a liveable future – and that’s why we’re so excited about the Our Time campaign.

Instead of forcing us to choose between lesser evils, as young Albertans like us were yesterday, we can fight for a Green New Deal that creates millions of good jobs in a 100% renewable energy economy.

Instead of feeling forced to vote against our future this October, we can organize so that young people are voting for dignity, justice, and equity for all. And, for climate solutions that lift up the many and not the few -- centering frontline, marginalized and Indigenous communities who bear the brunt of fossil fuel and climate impacts. Instead of hollow promises, we can demand a Green New Deal that works in service of real reconciliation — respecting the rights, title and sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples.

This is our time to decide, and our time for a real plan that tackles climate change and inequality. This is our time to make Canada’s Green New Deal a reality. Join the youth-led movement in support of a Green New Deal.

We can’t wait to build this movement with you,

Stephen & Gabrielle, on behalf of the Our Time campaign

PS - Today we’re emailing you about the launch of Our Time, but we also know that winning a Green New Deal for Canada is going to take all of us. That’s why we’re working with allies from across different communities, causes, and movements to fight for a broad, transformative vision for a massive economic and social mobilization to tackle the climate crisis. In the next couple of weeks, 350.org will keep you updated on how to get involved with the intergenerational fight for Canada’s Green New Deal. Follow 350 Canada on social media, including our new Instagram account, to keep up-to-date on this exciting new campaign!

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