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Hi Paov, Canada’s Federal elections are due in October – but with them could also come a huge host of privacy problems.

The data that political parties hold on us – like political affiliation, voting intention, donation history and demographic information – is obviously particularly sensitive.


But unfortunately, not only are there no special protections for this data – but political parties act as if there are no protections at all. They behave like the privacy laws that they require companies to follow simply do not apply to them.

This means that there’s currently no oversight into how political parties collect, use or store our data – and no requirements for disclosure if sensitive political information has been hacked or breached.

The upcoming elections are our biggest chance to make politicians end this double standard, and protect our sensitive political data.

Send a message now demanding party leaders include changing this privacy exemption in their party platforms for the 2019 elections.


Politicians have already faced huge amounts of pressure and criticism over this.

Canada’s federal privacy commissioner has strongly spoken out against this exemption,1 and the ethics committee that studied the Cambridge Analytica scandal also recommended that political parties be subject to privacy laws, in order to address digital privacy vulnerabilities and threats to Canada’s democratic electoral process.2

And it’s not just the experts who feel this way: polling shows that 72% of Canadians want stronger privacy rules for political parties.3

With Canada’s outdated privacy laws due to be a key election issue,4 let’s act now before it’s too late to make sure all parties include this essential change in their platforms.


Thank you so much,

Victoria with OpenMedia

P.S. It’s no secret that there’s a lot of anger out there over this issue. When challenged to change these laws as part of the recent Election Modernization Act, politicians instead fought to exempt themselves from the privacy laws that protect us all. It’s a double standard that simply must end, and this is a huge chance to apply pressure where they’re really going to feel it. Please join and send a message now!

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