Building the Slovenian Left

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1809 ... April 19, 2019

Building the Slovenian Left:
Successes and challenges in Eastern Europe’s most promising New Left project

Luka Mesec is the coordinator for the party Levica (“The Left”) in Slovenia. The party was only founded in summer 2017 and emerged from an electoral alliance between three left-wing parties that has been represented in the Slovenian parliament since 2014. In the last parliamentary elections in summer 2018, Levica won over nine per cent of votes and has tolerated the liberal governing coalition since last fall. This makes it one of the few new left parties in Central and Eastern Europe that has met with electoral success. In conversation with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung’s Wenke Christoph, Luka discusses the political models that helped them succeed, and what challenges and chances come... along with tolerating the government and building local structures.

Wenke Christoph (WC): In the Slovenian general election on 3 June 2018 Levica was able to gain additional votes and seats in parliament. Apart from that eight other parties joined the parliament, the strongest being the right-wing party of Janez Janša. What is your assessment of the election results? Did Slovenia see a shift to the right like in many other European countries? What are the reasons for Janša’s comeback?

Luka Mesec: We improved our result from six per cent in 2014 to nine per cent in 2018. We now have nine MPs (out of 90) in parliament. For the first time we were also relative victors in some electoral districts in Ljubljana and Koper.

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