How Civil Society Makes Positive Change

Open Society Foundations Reporters and police outside a courthouse building © John Thys/AFP/Getty
Four years ago, the chances of implementing an EU directive to protect whistleblowers were slim. The political will to take action, the conventional wisdom said, just wasn’t there. Fast forward to April 2019, however, and the situation looks entirely different. An EU-wide directive to protect whistleblowers isn’t merely possible but was recently approved by the European Parliament. What happened? Civil society mobilized, rallied public opinion, and worked with the European Union to strike a blow against corruption—and show the world what it looks like when policymakers, experts, and grassroots advocates work together for change.



A Media Haven for Europe’s LGBTI Roma

Laszlo Farkas wearing headphones
Open Society Youth Fellow Laszlo Farkas is building a media company where his community can feel recognized—and welcome.


Mexico’s #MeToo Moment

People walking with banners
Women throughout Mexico are sharing their own stories of harassment and assault. It’s time we listened to them.

Rights & Justice

Open Arms in Eastern Kentucky

Oakley Fugate and four others standing by a wall
Through filmmaking and community building, Open Society Youth Fellow Oakley Fugate is creating space for young LGBTI people in Appalachia.


A Martyr in Malta Sparks a Campaign for Justice

A wall with writing on it
On Open Society’s Instagram, a journalist’s assassination has inspired a women-led anticorruption movement in Malta.

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