Mr. Bayer-Monsanto

Mr. Bayer-Monsanto has to resign, and Bayer must change

Dear A, I just wanted to make sure you saw this. In 2 days, I am travelling to the Bayer annual shareholder meeting to demand that its CEO, Werner Baumann, step down. Can you add your voice?

Demand that Werner Baumann step down as Bayer’s CEO!

Thank you,


Below is last week's email again:

Chemicals giant Bayer is out of control -- and its CEO must step down before he does any more harm.

Bee-killing neonics. Cancer-causing glyphosate. The list goes on and on. It's got to change!

Sign our petition to Bayer's top boss, and I'll deliver it to him THIS FRIDAY at the company's annual shareholder meeting in Germany.

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Bayer is dragging suffering cancer patients through court. It’s churning out one toxic pesticide after another while lobbying hard to keep them on the market. And it’s gained unprecedented control over our food supply by merging with Monsanto.

One man is responsible for all this: Werner Baumann, CEO of Bayer-Monsanto. And the time is overdue for him to resign.

You can help make it happen. Friday, April 26, we’re headed to Bayer’s big annual shareholder meeting to make the case that Baumann’s greedy business model is hurting people, the planet -- and Bayer’s reputation. And we’re going to deliver this petition to prove that people like you think so, too.

We know some Bayer shareholders want Baumann out -- there’s talk of a “revolt” this year after two courts in the United States ordered the company to pay tens of millions of dollars in damages to Monsanto's cancer victims. With enough members like you on our side, we can get him replaced with someone who’ll reverse Bayer’s destructive path.

Demand that Werner Baumann step down as Bayer’s CEO!

The minute Baumann took over as Bayer's head honcho in 2016, he started working on the Monsanto mega-merger -- a disastrous acquisition that spawned the biggest and most dangerous agrochemical corporation in the world.

That merger gave him control over the toxic herbicide glyphosate -- which he still insists is not linked to cancer, despite US courts ruling otherwise. Under his direction, Bayer is refusing to pay glyphosate victims like Dewayne “Lee” Johnson the damages they deserve.

At the same time, the corporation is lobbying tooth and nail to get its bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides back on European shelves, after SumOfUs members like you pushed the EU to ban them last year.

Werner Baumann is a menace: Tell him to resign!

SumOfUs members like you have been challenging Bayer every step of the way -- and you’re helping stop it dead in its tracks to protect our bees, food supplies, and our health. Without your people power at this big meeting, we won’t stand a chance of making an impact.

You’ve done this before. Public pressure from over 70,000 SumOfUs members like you helped get villainous Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to resign in 2017.

With Bayer’s stock tumbling fast after its latest court loss, now’s the time to push for meaningful change and a leader who won’t put people, bees, and global food supplies in danger while chasing after a quick buck. We’ve got less than two weeks to go -- will you sign and give Bayer a piece of your mind?

Bayer CEO Werner Baumann: Resign now!

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Thanks for all that you do,
Anne, Eoin and the team at SumOfUs

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