We're good at some things, but not this

We're good at some things, but not this r1 ... LabourStart has come a long way since we were founded back in 1998.

But we remain committed and laser-focussed on our goal: to build union power and strengthen global labour solidarity.

We know we're good at some of the things we do. We're effective campaigners (more on this in a moment) and we've created the best online source of daily news about the trade union movement.

But here's one thing we're not so good at: fund-raising.

Keeping LabourStart going over years and years means paying the bills -- paying for a world-class email service, for servers to securely host our news and campaigning platforms, and much more.

We rely on you and your unions to keep us going, but we don't like to ask.

That's why we do just one fund-raising mailing every year, around May Day, and this is it.

The last year has seen us run 25 campaigns in support of workers' struggles in 17 countries -- Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Guatemala, Hungary Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Norway, the Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and the USA.

Those campaigns have resulted in some brilliant victories.
  • A campaign we ran earlier this year following the death of a 24-year old power plant worker in South Korea, Kim Yong-gyun, ended after just a few days with the government making extensive concessions to the demands of protestors.
  • Before that we campaigned together with unions in Turkey protesting safety conditions at the new Instanbul airport. Union leaders had been jailed for their protests, and our campaign resulted in 8,800 messages of protest from around the world. All the jailed workers were released following a court order.
  • Another campaign in support of DHL workers in Turkey who had spent a year on the picket line ended in a win, as the company and union announced their intention to start negotiations on a collective labour agreement. This one had the support of nearly 7,000 of you.

We don't win every campaign we launch. But we try as hard as we can to win justice for workers anywhere in the world who need our help.

We've been at this for 21 years and we plan to be around doing this for many more.

Please make a donation of £21 (US$27 / €24) to help us mark our 21st anniversary. Please donate more if you can. And please encourage your union to also support us.

Click here to donate.

Thank you very much!

Eric Lee
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