Water levels are rising and so are we

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The past week has been very difficult for my community. For the past two weeks, record-breaking rainfall has inundated Pakenham, Ontario, a small town in the Ottawa Valley where I grew up, bringing a 100-year flood to our doorsteps.

And, Pakenham isn’t the only place this is happening. Thousands of people across Eastern Canada were evacuated from their homes this weekend due to climate-charged floods.1 As climate impacts worsen year after year, it’s not enough for politicians to simply recognize the crisis. They must put their words into action.

That’s why when I heard that NDP leader Jagmeet Singh committed to putting a Green New Deal for Canada at the center of his election strategy for 2019, I was a bit surprised and cautiously optimistic.2 We know that Singh took this position because of... a growing movement in support of a Green New Deal. So let’s keep building this movement up together. Will you sign up to support a Green New Deal for Canada?

A Green New Deal means putting out a plan that listens to the best available science, that is telling us we need to cut our emissions in half within a decade and stop approving new fossil fuel projects. It would mean mass investment into a renewable energy economy. A Green New Deal would put justice first by ensuring the creation of millions of new jobs and the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This kind of ambitious means a transformative policy platform that stretches across sectors and jurisdictions. And we need all hands on deck to bring this vision to Canada.

Sign up to support a Green New Deal for Canada.

I spent the weekend filling and stacking sandbags to prepare for the floods, the worst of which is expected in the next 48 hours. At one time, these kinds of floods were thought to be once in a generation, but this is the second time in three years my community has dealt with this, and this time, it’s expected to be even worse than the flooding we experienced in 2017.3

This is what it looks like when climate crisis is at our front door. We need a plan that will tackle this crisis, and we need to hold our politicians accountable to those that are on the frontlines of this crisis. That is why I believe in a Green New Deal for Canada. I hope you will too.




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