Google: don't be evil

Now’s the perfect time to get Google to drop the horrifying censorship app it’s developing.

The tech giant is so keen to benefit from operating in China, it’s happy to comply with the Government’s demands to help prop up its violent authoritarian crackdown.

Can you chip in CA$94 to plaster Google’s home town with ads ahead of its big shareholder meeting?



Silence, repression, control. From the world’s biggest search engine?

In a horrifying move, Google is working with the government of China to develop a censorship app called Dragonfly.

But you’ve got a chance to push things in the right direction. In a few weeks, Google will hold their biggest meeting of the year.

As shareholders fly in to San Francisco from around the world, we want them to see ads plastered all over the city demanding Google drop Dragonfly for good.

These ads... will let shareholders know there’s a major threat to Google’s reputation if it keeps working with governments that torture and wrongly imprison people living under their rule.

Can you chip in CA$94 to help buy the advertising space?

Yes, I can chip in CA$94 to stick up for freedom!

If Google Dragonfly is launched it will stop hundreds of millions of people from searching for information on human rights abuses, Tibet, the Dalai Lama and much more.

That means Google would be helping the government of China silence dissent among its entire population. And it’s not just about people not being able to get information.

The government of China is actively persecuting many of its own people, and communities such as Tibetans and Uyghurs living under its rule. It’s torturing Muslims in “re-education” camps and installing mass surveillance systems.

Google hasn’t even confirmed that Dragonfly won’t comply with the ruling Communist Party’s demand that the app tracks all queries based upon the user's phone number. The world’s biggest search engine shouldn’t be helping the government of China to control and abuse people.

Can you chip in to get Google to reject government repression?

Yes I can chip in CA$94 because Google shouldn’t help governments abuse people.

Now is the perfect time to get Google to drop its censorship app project. The shareholder meeting in San Francisco is their biggest meeting of the year. Journalists from every major news outlet will show up looking for a story, ideally a scandal.

Negative news stories can mean big falls in share prices. So if we can spook shareholders with persuasive, punchy ads demanding Google drop censorship and Dragonfly, it could make all the difference -- especially when they come to vote.

Can you chip in?

Yes, I’ll donate CA$94 to protect people and keep the internet open and free.

Thanks for all that you do,
Sondhya and the team at SumOfUs

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