Bayer-Monsanto is panicking


Bayer’s bosses just suffered a massive blow: this has never happened before. Last Friday Bayer gathered its investors for what it hoped would be a run of the mill annual meeting. But after a marathon 13 hours, 55.5% of Bayer’s own shareholders voted against the Bayer board.

This is the strongest sanction shareholders in German companies can give. And YOU made it happen.

This is a sensational win for you, me and all the people out there fighting against Bayer and Monsanto’s toxic pesticides, and against their disastrous mega-merger.

SumOfUs addressing Bayer's shareholders
That's me and Paul addressing the AGM from the podium.

Thanks to SumOfUs members like you chipping in, I travelled to the meeting with Paul François, and our 180,000-strong petition. Paul is a French farmer and father of two who was poisoned by Monsanto’s toxic chemicals over... a decade ago -- and has been fighting for justice ever since.

Paul and I spoke directly to shareholders and the board -- making sure they all heard about the devastation their pesticides can cause. I can’t tell you how important this win is for people like Paul.

Big wigs representing massive pension funds and other huge shareholders were in the room as I delivered our message from the stage -- direct to Bayer's CEO. And guess what -- even the pension funds spoke out about the company’s duty to people and our planet -- not just profits.

SumOfUs at Bayer's AGM

Bayer’s CEO, Werner Baumann, is still in charge, but for how much longer is anybody’s guess.

Bayer is now worth less than what it paid for Monsanto last year. But the company’s top brass still wants to carry on business as usual -- spreading toxic pesticides no matter the consequences for people, for the bees, or for our planet.

They still haven’t got the message. And that’s why we can’t stop now.

Thank you for everything that you do,
Anne and the whole team at SumOfUs

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More information:

Bayer CEO Has 9 Months to Overcome Shareholders' Extraordinary Rebuke of His Monsanto Deal, Fortune, 30 April 2019
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