Conservative 'Blue Wave' Sweeps Across Canada

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1817 ... May 4, 2019

Conservative ‘Blue Wave’ Sweeps Across Canada

John Clarke

The federal system under which the Canadian state operates, places a great deal of decision making power in the hands of its provinces. While the dubiously progressive Trudeau Liberals run things federally (for the present), the provincial level of government is now dominated by the Conservatives and other hard right political parties. Ontario’s right wing Tory Premier, Doug Ford, recently greeted the electoral victory of his political co-thinkers in Alberta by declaring in the Legislature that, "We see just a blue wave going across this country from west to east."

Through clenched teeth, it is necessary to admit that he is not wrong. Six of the ten Canadian provinces are now governed by hard right political... regimes and the great majority of the country’s population and economic capacity is to be found within that block, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains.

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