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We're pleased to bring you the Spring 2019 edition of Quaker Concern, the 8 page print and digital newsletter of Canadian Friends Service Committee.

In this issue Keira Mann and Matt Legge discuss CFSC's new book Are We Done Fighting? Building Understanding in a World of Hate and Division in the cover story CFSC Launches Are We Done Fighting?

Keira Mann describes her experiencing with a delegation of church leaders who visited Canadian senators to express support for Bill C-262 (An Act to Ensure that the Laws of Canada are in Harmony with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples). Church Delegation Visits Senate to Support Bill C-262

Daisie Auty describes her experience, which at times felt overwhelming, of participating in a two day dialogue on how children are impacted when their parents come into conflict with the law. Why I Stand Up for Respectful Dialogue

And we share some brief highlights from CFSC’s work and recent travels in support of justice and peace.

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CFSC Launches Are We Done Fighting?

I recently had the chance to chat with Canadian Friends Service Committee’s peace program coordinator Matt Legge about the new book he’s written for CFSC.

Keira: What is Are We Done Fighting?
Matt: It’s a book that collects and shares a lot of surprising stories and research directly relevant to many different problems in the world right now – polarization, extremism, the rise of hate movements… Readers will learn about important topics like why we hold fast to false beliefs, when punishments work and when they don’t, and why we often seem to act against our own interests. I wanted to critically interrogate my own assumptions about peace and how we build it within ourselves, our families, and beyond.
Read more.

Church delegation meets with Senator Harder, March, 2019

Church Delegation Visits Senate to Support Bill C-262

Churches and faith bodies play an important role in the reconciliation process. It is with this in mind that I took a delegation of national church leaders to Ottawa to meet with senators to discuss Bill C-262: An Act to Ensure that the Laws of Canada are in Harmony with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Bill C-262 is currently being reviewed by the Senate. The Bill has to be approved to be studied by a Senate Standing Committee (most likely the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples). The Committee will then study it, hear from witnesses, hear any proposals for amendments, and report back to the full Senate for consideration and a vote at third reading. The problem is that, in order for the Bill to be passed and become law in Canada, this all has to happen before the House of Commons rises for the summer! Read more.

Dialogue about the children of incarcerated parents, Friends House, Toronto

Why I Stand Up for Respectful Dialogue

Children are humans. They have human rights. On the international stage, Canada has agreed to uphold these human rights. Yet we are concerned that Canada is not currently protecting children’s rights with integrity.

A major focus of CFSC’s work is the human rights of children whose parents have been incarcerated. CFSC works to promote international standards and practices that uphold the “best interests of the child” in Canada. Read more.

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