This is where we, LabourStart and you, come in

This is where we, LabourStart and you, come in r1 ...

95 workers are on strike against an incredibly nasty employer in Niagara Falls. These predominantly female workers at the Rainforest Cafe aren’t getting a lot of media attention. They should but they haven’t. You can help.

Because this is where we, LabourStart and you, come in.

The Ontario Federation of Labour, at the request of their union Workers United, has placed Canadian Niagara Hotels on its boycott list. Details on the boycott are HERE. This is a big deal, no question. Not only because union members won’t be patronizing The Rainforest Café in the Falls, but because all of CNH’s properties are included in the boycott. Including the ones also organized by Workers United – that’s how nasty this employer is and how strong the solidarity between the workers on strike and those still at work is.

For most of you I can probably stop here and just tell you to go HERE and send a message to CNH telling them that until the strike is over you won’t be patronizing their facilities.

But for those who want to know just how nasty this employer is, read on.

Following the Ontario minimum wage increase in January of 2018, the Rainforest Café started clawing back their employees’ tips to ‘compensate’ for the wage increase. The workers responded by deciding to form a union. Which they did, with 85% support despite the employer’s best efforts.

A year later and with no first contract the workers decided to strike.

The tough issues? Sexual assault in the workplace. Basic union rights. Details HERE.

There is some really nasty stuff going on here that isn’t getting any attention. Which means that this employer can feel safe in assuming that they can keep the workers on the street, keep bargaining at a standstill and keep ignoring serious workplace hazards and issues and their business won’t suffer.

We have to tell the employer that business will suffer, that what it is doing is getting out there. How? Go HERE to send a protest message to Canadian Niagara Hotels, the Rainforest Café’s owners.

When you do you’ll be joining British tourists Alan Tomlinson and his daughter Lauren who were evicted from their hotel (also owned by Canadian Niagara Hotels) for walking the picket line with the strikers.

You can read more about Alan and Lauren HERE. And you can join them in helping to end the strike by sending a message HERE.

If two British tourists on the trip of a lifetime to Niagara Falls can take time to walk a picket line and risk their holiday, surely we can all find 30 seconds to send a solidarity message.

One more time: go HERE to send a little solidarity. And pass this on.

In Solidarity,
Derek Blackadder
LabourStart Canada


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