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We found out late last week that Trudeau is planning at an elite fundraising lunch in Vancouver at noon PT today -- just up the road from the historic Trans Mountain pipeline protests.

We have helped secure a billboard last minute thanks to the generous monthly donors here at SumOfUs.

Can you turn the heat on and tweet Trudeau now as he schmoozes with his biggest donors?

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Justin Trudeau is having a critical fundraiser in Vancouver today charging up to $1500 a plate.

Trudeau is expecting to snap a few selfies, schmooze, and collect cheques from some of his biggest donors -- but what's he's not expecting is us.

Thanks to... generous SumOfUs members who support our work every month, and our friends at Leadnow, we were able to help secure a massive mobile billboard. This is the mock-up sent to us by the designer of the truck that will following Trudeau's every step today:


With the project’s potential approval looming, this is one of our best chances to stop this dangerous pipeline from being built. So we are helping organize outside his fundraiser with hundreds of attendees and we are going to have this truck follow him around all day.

You likely aren't in Vancouver, or you can't step away at lunch to join us, but you can follow him virtually as he schmoozes all day.

Can you tweet now in this important campaign moment?

This is a critical time for the Liberal party, with the election just months away. Trudeau is trying to portray himself as a climate leader -- but we want to poke holes in that facade because climate leaders don’t build pipelines.

The Liberal party’s purchase of the dangerous Trans Mountain pipeline has already put Federal Liberal donors in BC on edge, and with the project’s approval looming, you can bet it’s on the minds of donors now. A hard-hitting, mobile billboard outside the event will only increase these concerns and could stop the pipeline from ever being built.

Major donors -- like the ones who will be attending this exclusive lunch -- hold great influence and can persuade Trudeau that building Trans Mountain could cost him the next election.

The billboard truck is set up and ready to go and we’re splitting the cost of the billboard truck with our friends at Leadnow. We can only pull off this stunt because of generous monthly donors like you.

Can you help us make disrupt's Trudeau’s event by tweeting him during his big fundraising drive?

We know actions like this work. When Trudeau came to Vancouver last year, right before the controversial purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline from oil giant Kinder Morgan, we surprised him with a massive protest of over a thousand people marching through downtown. And the protests got the attention of the media and we got national coverage that put the Liberals on the defensive. And we know that this year, we can ramp up the pressure even more.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Ameila, and the team at SumOfUs

Ottawa plans to make Trans Mountain decision by June 18, CBC, 18 April 2019
Protesting grandpa climbs into tree near B.C. marine terminus of Trans Mountain pipeline, Global News, 29 April 2019

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