Have you heard of Bill C-48?

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I wanted to make sure you saw my message from earlier this week. The one about the oil tanker ban.

I’ll spare you on the political details and cut straight to the point: There’s a chance oil tankers could enter the waters along the North and Central Coast of British Columbia.

For decades, coastal communities along British Columbia have fought to keep the pristine North Coast healthy and free of oil tankers. And now, there’s a bill in the Senate that could permanently protect this area from *all* oil tankers. We need to put pressure on key Senators to ignore fierce lobbying from oil executives and pass a tanker ban. Already over 3,000 people have sent a message, but we need to get to 5,000 voices!

Will you email key Canadian Senators and tell them to support Bill C-48?

Fighting back against Big Oil can seem like a daunting task. We know it won’t be easy. But we know it’s possible, because at Stand.earth, that is what we do. History has shown that people united and mobilized leads to large-scale transformative change. None of us can do everything; but all of us can do something - and that is exactly what it’s going to take. The Stand community, together with allies and following Indigenous leadership, was a key part of the effort to stop the Enbridge tar sands pipeline. Now let’s help protect the northern BC coast permanently.

This is an all hands on deck moment. Are you in?

Thank you,

Troy Myers
Oceans Campaigner

Here’s our original email from last week:

We have such an incredible opportunity to protect the precious waters of the northern Pacific Ocean: home to 9,000 year old ancient sponge reefs; endangered species like dolphins and whales; and dozens of other coastal and First Nation communities. But we need to act now -- and fast.

For decades, local communities in northern and central BC have fought fiercely to keep dangerous crude oil tankers out of the Pacific coast’s pristine and fragile northern waters. Their victories, including stopping Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline, have protected humpback whales, dolphins, and seabirds from toxic tar sands spills. And now, we have an opportunity to keep this area protected permanently from *all* oil tankers.

Tell government decision-makers to support an oil tanker moratorium today.

We don’t need to tell you that an oil spill would be devastating to marine environments and the wildlife that call these northern waters home. And we don’t need to tell you that an oil spill would be disastrous to coastal economies who depend on a healthy ocean to survive. But we do need to tell key Canadian Senators – since they’re deciding whether to pass a tanker ban bill right at this moment.


The risk is simply unacceptable. Northern Pacific waters are particularly dangerous and remote, with thousands of tiny islands to navigate, and large, unpredictable tidal currents. Accidents do happen, and when they occur, the region’s remoteness makes effective response extremely difficult. Last month, I sat in public hearings in Prince Rupert and Terrace, as Senators debated this bill and invited stakeholders to share their thoughts. In these hearings, the oil industry made it crystal clear – they want to ship toxic oil through North Coast waters, regardless of the risks. That’s why this bill is so important: it’s in our best interest to protect the Northern and Central coast from oil tankers.

Indigenous leaders have already banned oil tankers -- it's time for the Canadian government to follow the leadership of Coastal First Nations. These communities depend upon a healthy marine environment, and permitting oil tankers through northern BC waters would undermine traditional stewardship of this area.

Will you demonstrate your support for an oil tanker moratorium by emailing a Senator today?

This tanker ban would protect the North and Central Coast, including waters off of the Great Bear Rainforest. Stand has a long history of protecting this area: in fact, it’s where and how we were founded! By following the guidance of First Nation leaders, we fought to protect the Great Bear Rainforest from destructive logging practices and from the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline that would have carried toxic tar sands. Simply put, protecting the the Great Bear Rainforest and northern BC is in our DNA.

Supa now is our chance to protect the northern waters from dirty tar sands. Send key senators an email today!

Thank you,

Troy Myers
Oceans Campaigner

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