Facebook is out of control

Facebook is out of control. But we have the power to rein it in.

Facebook’s annual shareholder meeting is May 30th. Call on major Facebook investor BlackRock to vote NO on Mark Zuckerberg’s one-man rule.

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I remember when I trusted Facebook. It was a safe place to reconnect with old friends from high school and keep up with cute family photos.

But under Mark Zuckerberg's one-man rule, Facebook has spiraled out of control. Facebook has become a key hub for white nationalist groups like “Alt-Reich Nation” — a group that gained notoriety when one of its members murdered Richard Collins III, a Black college student.

And with algorithms designed... to be addictive, Facebook is literally hooking angry young men on hate — with deadly consequences.

Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly failed to adequately address Facebook's role in spreading violent movements and fake news. Next week, at the annual meeting of Facebook investors, we have a huge chance to force Facebook to change.

BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, is one of Facebook's biggest shareholders. If BlackRock opposes Mark Zuckerberg's re-election to Facebook's board of directors, it will force accountability at Facebook's highest rungs.

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Zuckerberg is already feeling the pressure. At last year’s meeting, we mobilized an unprecedented 35% of non-insider shareholders to vote against Zuckerberg’s confirmation. And one of the world's largest shareholder advisors just recommended that investors vote against Zuckerberg too.

We’ve given Facebook’s golden boy enough second chances. From allowing massive data breaches to censoring pages at police request, Mark Zuckerberg is part of the problem. He can’t be part of the solution.

Zuckerberg needs to be held responsible. But right now, neither the government nor Facebook are doing it. That’s why we’re mobilizing shareholders once again to make bold changes on May 30th. And this year, we’re confident we can win.

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More information:

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