This month, SumOfUs went to Pepsi and KFC’s biggest shareholder meetings of the year to deliver your people-powered message that they need to do more to save our vanishing forests and shrinking orangutan populations. The results were amazing.

Surrounded by executives, board members and investors, our tiny team urged these multi-billion dollar corporations to acknowledge and take steps to end their roles in deforestation -- and with your help, SumOfUs members stole the show.

In North Carolina, I delivered a speech in front of all of Pepsi's execs telling them to cut ties with destructive and exploitative palm oil producer Indofood, backed by petitions signed by SumOfUs members like you with over 1 MILLION signatures.

Photo of SumOfUs campaigner Rebecca at the Pepsi AGM in North Carolina

Your tweets during the meeting -- held on May 1, International Workers’ Day... -- kept the spotlight shining, and pushed 1 in 4 Pepsi shareholders to support our proposal for more accountability.

Now we’re in talks with Pepsi’s execs -- will you click to start a monthly donation so that we can finally get Pepsi to cut ties with conflict palm oil in the coming months?

In Kentucky, on Colonel Sanders’ own turf, SumOfUs campaigner Toni braved armed security to confront KFC’s parent company Yum! Brands over its lax anti-deforestation policy.

Photo of Varsha Vijay and Toni Preston at the Yum! Brands AGM in Kentucky

She was joined by Varsha Vijay, an oil palm deforestation expert, who explained why it’s so important to protect our rainforests, and together they presented your 190,000 signature-strong petition telling KFC and its parent company YUM! Brands to take deforestation off the menu.

In the end, an incredible 1 in 3 shareholders voted for greater transparency in KFC’s palm oil, beef, soy and paper supply chains.

Now that we have KFC’s attention, you can help to escalate this campaign and secure binding ‘zero-deforestation’ policies from the fast food giant. Can you chip in monthly to see this through?

Your support will also enable us to file powerful shareholder resolutions at other major companies. Resolutions need to be in this year, well in advance of next years’ season, so please chip in now to get this started.

Yes, I'll chip in CA$5 a monthYes, I'll chip in CA$11 a monthYes, I'll chip in CA$27 a monthDonate another amount

A, you should be so proud right now. Your signatures, messages, and donations helped turbocharge a conversation where none existed before.

Now these powerful multinationals know exactly who SumOfUs members are, and that our community won’t give up until our precious forests and their inhabitants are safe.

This has been a truly people-powered team effort. Our shareholder resolutions, tabled by SumOfUs members who own shares in KFC and Pepsi, have shown that huge numbers of KFC and Pepsi shareholders care about deforestation. Now it’s time to double down on our efforts.

With enough sustained pressure, you and I can get Pepsi and KFC to finally stop letting rainforests burn for profits. Your donation at this peak moment will make a huge difference -- will you chip in monthly to continue to defend the forests and the animals who live there?

Thanks for all that you do,
Rebecca, Fatah, Toni, Lisa and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.

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