Largest gold mining company in the world

Help us get to 200,000 signatures to deliver to the CEO of Newmont

Máxima has been fighting for many years to protect her traditional land from mining giant Newmont’s massive open-pit gold mine. Yet, her harassment continues.

In just 6 days, our allies are heading to deliver this petition directly into the hands of Newmont’s executives at the biggest investors’ meeting of the year to tell them to leave Máxima alone.

Will you help us get to 200,000 signatures?

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It’s been years of court cases, violence and intimidation but Máxima has continued... to fight for her land and community against a massive open-pit gold mine. Newmont, a massive mining corporation, has been trying to get Máxima out of the picture by slapping on court case after court case. Not only that, it’s using nasty intimidation tactics toward Máxima and her legal team to try to get her to give up her land.

With support from SumOfUs members, our friends at Earthworks and her grassroots allies in Peru, Máxima has persisted and stopped this mine so far, with even the Peruvian Supreme Court siding with her.

Now, at Newmont’s biggest investor meeting of the year, we have a surprise for the top executives. We’re working with our allies to deliver a massive petition to the CEO in front of all of its biggest investors. Right after a major merger that made Newmont the largest gold mining corporation in the world you can bet Newmont wants to look good for investors. And we’re going to put a wrench in that plan.

Will you help us get to 200,000 signatures so we can make a major impact at the Newmont AGM?

When Newmont tried to push a massive gold mine through a small Indigenous Peruvian village, it was not prepared for the battle it would face against one determined woman -- Máxima Acuña.

Máxima has created an amazing circle of allies such as The Denver Justice and Peace Committee are readying to go to Newmont’s annual general meeting in Denver and present our petition. This petition delivery will be yet another way we can pressure Newmont to protect Máxima’s home and community. And the more signatures we get, the more impactful it will be.

It’s because of members like you that Máxima has been able to fight for this long. SumOfUs has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Máxima’s legal funds and supported her and her legal team in their fight against Newmont.

Máxima’s fight is a proof that when everyday people like you and me come together, we can take on even the biggest mining companies in the world -- and win.

Will you help us get to 200,000 signatures and make Newmont’s CEO squirm at the upcoming investors meeting?

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Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Amelia and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

A US corporation wants to raze a gold-rich mountain in Peru. Meet the woman who stands in its way. PRI, 08 June 2018
Maxima Acuña-Atalaya v. Newmont Mining Corp, Earthrights, 08 Dec. 2018

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