European Progressive Future? Neither Yesterdays Tsipras nor Todays Greens

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1839 ... June 3, 2019

European Progressive Future?
Neither Yesterday’s Tsipras nor Today’s Greens

Gal Kirn

One cannot and should not turn away from the disastrous results of the recent European Parliament elections, especially considering that Leftist parties across the European Union (EU) expected to gain 38 Members of the European Parliament (MEP), achieving around 5% of the vote. The leadership and organizers of European Left needs to think thoroughly over its failure to mobilize and address working people. Even if failure is specific to the concrete context we can abstract a few very important reasons for such weak results.

Lack of a Cohesive Radical Vision Across Borders: "Just a bit more social."

Firstly, and most obviously, there is an absence of an integral European program for radical... social change that combines viable short-term reformist policies with a utopian transformative vision of the future. The Yanis Varoufakis DiEM25 movement attempted to make one step in this direction, but fell behind two steps in its too reformist demands and a weak organizational support. Even if a few parties on the Left openly promote ecosocialism -- one has difficulty understanding why this is not on the agenda of a majority of those parties -- most parties find themselves in the trenches defending against the ongoing assault of neoliberal capitalism.

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