A dump truck every minute

I won’t beat around the bush. Canada has a trash problem.

We generate a whopping 31 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. Every minute, we dump a garbage truck full of trash into the ocean. A product we might use for 60 seconds winds up in a landfill for hundreds of years. It’s polluting our oceans, contaminating our soil, and harming our health. [1][2]

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In 2018 the Liberals promised to bring our waste down to zero with a bold new plan — one that makes sure products get recycled and reused so trash stops getting clogged up in landfills, incinerators, or the ocean — and phases out those that can’t.* [3]

Any day now, the Minister of Environment, Catherine McKenna will unveil the details of their plan. But there’s a real chance they’re going to backtrack from their initial “zero waste” promise... and announce watered-down plans that won’t address the scale of Canada’s toxic trash problem.

This is where you come in. A massive petition to Catherine McKenna will remind her that voters are watching them on this file — and that we won’t accept any watered down waste reduction plan.

So, will you add your name to the petition reminding Catherine McKenna that she promised a bold “zero waste” plan and that voters are expecting her to deliver?

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We’ve all seen the images. Turtles choking on plastic bags. Dead whales washing up on beaches, filled to the brim with grocery bags, straws, and other plastics. [4]

But I was shocked when I read that 91% of Canada’s trash ends up in oceans and landfills because it’s too toxic to recycle. [5]

A zero waste strategy would move us away from the “make-and-dispose” approach to a system that focuses on renewability, reusability, and repair. It would ban materials too toxic or hard to recycle — like plastics, and force big corporations to use recycled materials only — or get hit with tough penalties. [6]

It sounds ambitious — because it is. It’s exactly the kind of bold, visionary planning required to build a cleaner, more livable future. Countries like Sweden have implemented zero waste plans — and we can get one here too. [7]

It’s an election year. Other political parties have announced bold plans to reduce pollution — we can make the Liberals feel like they have to keep up — and like watering down their bold plans to create a cleaner Canada will cost them big at the polls.[8][9]

But to make it work, they need to hear from as many people as possible before Minister McKenna locks in and unveils their waste reduction plans — which could happen any day now.

Will you sign the petition to help make sure the Liberals don’t backpedal on their promise to bring our waste down to zero?

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We know these changes won’t occur overnight, but we need a plan that gets us on the right track. A comprehensive, zero waste plan that can drastically cut down on waste is our best shot at creating a safer, cleaner, more beautiful Canada.

Add your name: https://act.leadnow.ca/end-plastics-pollution/

With hope and respect,
Simran and Brittany, on behalf of Leadnow

*While working to eliminate materials that are difficult to recycle (like plastic straws) — we need to make sure that biodegradable alternatives are available and accessible to those who rely on them.

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