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For more than a decade, Open Media has fought to protect our rights online and keep the Internet free and open.

But right... now, we're facing one of our biggest fights ever.

Parliament is currently reviewing the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts, the laws that govern virtually everything about the Internet, from Net Neutrality to online privacy rights to free speech.

Big corporations like Bell, Rogers, and Telus have hired an army of lobbyists to push proposals such as website blocking to control what we see and do online, and anInternet Tax to line their own pockets.

With so much at stake, we've set a goal of raising $50,000 by the end of June to make sure we have the resources to take on Big Telecom and media corporations and win. And to help reach that goal, a generous donor has agreed to match your gift 100%.

Will you donate to OpenMedia to help fight for the free and open Internet? Your donation will be DOUBLED by a generous donor.


This isn't the first time we've seen these terrible ideas pushed in Ottawa — far from it.

In the last year, big media companies have pushed for a series of copyright law changes to increase their profits and restrict free speech online. They have pushed Parliament to roll back fair dealing usage, adopt nearly endless U.S-style copyright terms, and allow website blocking without court oversight.

The OpenMedia community fought back, and we were heard. In the just-released report of the Copyright Act review, the committee rejected a handful of these corporate proposals, including Bell's Fairplay website-blocking proposal.1 OpenMedia's recommendations and live testimony were referenced time and time again in the committee's reasoning.2

This was a big victory, but stakes with the Broadcasting and Telecom Acts review are even higher.

Will you donate to OpenMedia to help fight for the free and open Internet? Your donation will be DOUBLED by a generous donor.

Big Telecom wants the ability to blacklist websites. They want to maintain their monopoly over Canada's wireless infrastructure so lower-cost competitors can't enter the market. And Big Media wants a tax on Internet access that would be passed on straight to customers.

But if we make ourselves heard during the Telecom Act review like we did for the Copyright Act review, we could actually see a new age of freedom for the Internet. We can finally hold Parliament accountable to its declaration of broadband Internet as a basic human right. We can expand Internet access and stop censorship. We can bring low-cost cell phone providers to increase cellular data access to more Canadians.

It's up to you, our community members, to decide how big of a splash we can make in the upcoming months of the Telecom Act review. If we raise $50,000 this month, we can make a huge impact while keeping up our campaigns to protect Net Neutrality, our privacy on the Internet, and more. And thanks to a generous donor who believes in our work like you do, your donation will be DOUBLED if you give right now.

Will you donate to OpenMedia and a future of the free and open Internet? Your donation will be matched 100%

For the Internet,
Marie, and the whole team at OpenMedia

[1] Your views made it to the government’s report on copyright in Canada!: OpenMedia
[2] Statutory Review of the Copyright Act: House of Commons


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